Fear not. 

Do not set into motion that which needs to remain still. 

Quiet, be still. 

Don’t overlook His face in the storm. 

His miraculous feeding fresh in the minds, yet hearts remain cold.   



The fear of the Lord.  It begins.  Awe.  Reverence.  Worship.  Not a cringing, cowering, don’t-strike-me-down fear.  Holy hands lifted high, knees bowed down in adoration.  Totally surrendered.  Head over heels in love.  Jumping with joy because there’s just no stopping you.  Heaven on earth. 

This Is So Me.

Coffee-lover.  Watcher of HP marathons.  Collector of roosters.  It’s Eight O’Clock somewhere.  Gardener.  Introvert.  Content.  Jesus freak.  Runner.  Crocheter.  Student of His Word.  Word game addict.  Wife.  Mother.  Grandmother.  Sister.   Bird-watcher.  

Child of the God Most High.