Abide in Vine

A man physically crippled surrounded by friends.  A home filled to overflowing.  The Healer surrounded by followers, doubters, haters.  A rooftop desperation-driven digging .  Dirt and particles of filth fall upon His upturned face.  A literal party crasher.  Priceless are the friends who carry the broken to Him for healing.  This dwelling, abiding is not meant to be journeyed alone.  Tabernacle together.


Miraculously Ordinary

An early morning leisurely stroll along the quiet shore of the sea.  A late afternoon solitary meandering through the laden fruit of an olive grove.  The midnight mountaintop rendezvous soaking in the Father’s Presence.  Laughing at the antics of the neighbor’s frolicking children.  Staring silently at the bustling activities surrounding the Temple.  Breaking bread and breathing in friendship.  Filtering the wood shavings through callused and aching hands.  Sobbing at a treasured friend’s funeral.  The Miraculous came to lift up the ordinary.